About us

AssisticaMD® is the brainchild of Scott J. Rosen, the visionary founder of MDabroad and the MD Group of Companies. The development team of AssisticaMD® embodies input from professionals with payer, provider, TPA and Medical Assistance expertise.
The management team has substantial expertise in cross-border insurance, medical case management, multinational financial transactions, provider networks, software development and compliance.

AssisticaMD® Product Philosophy:

Address Key Challenges of Travel Medical Insurance Policy-Service

The TPA and Assistance segments are labor intensive and operationally complex fields, requiring skilled, well trained, costly human resources. Case resolution typically involves 14 manual touchpoints and many more internal interactions. Most of the policy-service touch points are non-client-facing administrative and financial tasks

The overwhelming majority of medical cases managed by Assistance firms and TPAs (80%-90%) are “Small Claims”. “Small Claims” are defined by payers and TPAs as provider charges no greater than US$2K, typically for ambulatory medical services. Moreover, most “Small Claims” are in the range of US$300.00-$800.00.

These small medical claims generate low-margin revenue that is sharply contrasted by high cost of service and limited productivity of Assistance agents. As such, scalability of policy-servicing operations is limited and requires significant capital to support matching growth in fulfillment volume.

AssisticaMD® changes this paradigm by injecting automation that allows scalability without capital. It also allows Assistance and TPA companies to redeploy their staff towards larger, profitable, claims.

In a post-Covid-19 business environment that will see unprecedented growth in sales of international medical travel insurance, AssisticaMD® is an optimal solution.


Scott J. Rosen
CEO, MD Group®

In 2000, Rosen developed MDabroad to deliver the first independent global provider network to the iPMI, travel insurance reinsurance segment. In our past 20 years of operation, MD Group has evolved into a group of companies to provide specific solutions to many facets of the market.

S. Shai Gold
Corporate SVP MD Group® & CEO AssisticaMD®

Effective health space executive, bold business strategist and seasoned business consultant. Shai's 30 years of experience in domestic and international healthcare resulted in some $750M in revenue and about $300M in capital projects. He is a well-rounded executive who is respected by global payers and providers alike. His comprehensive expertise sets apart our ability to deliver results.

Jorge A. Marcos
IT Development & Operations Manager, AssisticaMD®

A ten-year veteran of the IT space, Jorge is an effective IT system analyst and seasoned developer who excels in translating vision to technological innovations. Jorge has nurtured AssisticaMD® from a mere vision to a market ready product and remains in charge of its continued development and operations support.